What are you up to in the UK and in Greenland?

“What are you up to in the UK and in Greenland?” It’s a question I frequently encounter from people who are curious about what I’m doing. My usual response is, “It’s my exploration and expansion year. I’m in the process of figuring out my next ventures”. Quick Back Story: Pre-pandemic, I had a 5-year plan […]

Guide to Greenland

My stint here in Nuuk, Greenland reminds me of the days when I was deployed as a Sales and Distribution Manager for Samar and Leyte, Philippines (way back 2009-2011). The hiring manager then asked me, “Are you sure you are okay to be assigned in this region? We normally deploy men here because the roads […]

Hiking Adventures – Greenland

It’s my first time to hike in a snowy mountain! I told my friend that if I’m going to live here, I would need enjoyable things to do. And I’d say after this hike, hmmm.. I think I could live here.. 😆 A big thanks to Damien, who agreed to show us this beautiful mountain […]