Hiking Adventures – Greenland

It’s my first time to hike in a snowy mountain! I told my friend that if I’m going to live here, I would need enjoyable things to do. And I’d say after this hike, hmmm.. I think I could live here.. 😆

A big thanks to Damien, who agreed to show us this beautiful mountain and icy lake. Together with another Traveler, Thora, it was a fantastic hike – great view, great people and lovely conversations. A wonderful way to celebrate the weekend!

I didn’t bring any hiking wear with me so I look like I was just out to buy some groceries. If not for my friend, I would still be wearing my leather boots and leather sling bag. Thank goodness, she gave me a backpack and a pair of hiking boots, which is perfect for the snowy path.

First stop was to see the famous Visca horses of Iceland. Their thick fur is built for the cold environment.
I’d say they are also immigrant to Greenland then..hehe

Moving to the path, I couldn’t help but just admire the landscapes!

And I kept lagging behind because I couldn’t help but take photos and look for crystal rocks (they’re so plenty – quartz, amethyst(?)..

I gave them a warning in the beginning.. “Filipinos love to take photos!”..haha. Well, most of us. I’m glad Thora loves taking photos too. Haha

The struggle is real!  This was a steep slope of ice. I got intimidated with the new terrain.. I was sliding down and was crawling haha. I’m so glad I was able to conquer my fear. Thank you Damien for being so calm and making sure I make it to the next stop..haha.

Definitely worth the struggle. Whew. Nature makes you forget your blues (and bloopers!)..
Time for a coffee break! Someone brought the kitchen with him.

Wonderful conversation going on here. Thora is also into indigenous arts and crafts. She is here for research on the traditional beading techniques of Inuit cultures.

By the way, can you spot the man hiking below? That’s how elevated we were at that point.

The coffee also tastes better high up the mountain.

Btw, I need to cover my head because the sun was a bit harsh. It was a good covering.

Photo breaks!

Damien making sure we have good photos!

I told him.. that’s a good selling point in dating apps, “I take good photos. An Instagram boyfriend”. Haha

Lovely terrain!

Looks like a floating island. The view behind is actually a lake!

An Eagle or a crow? This is a bird’s version of a hairfall.

Left and right, you would see crystal stones. This is a close up of a large boulder with crystal formations in it. 😀

I heard a cracking sound.. and saw this! Wow! This is the lake’s icy waters. The plates are beginning to break and melt in time for summer.

As the ice melts, I can hear the trickles of water around this boulder.

Berries!! We were walking on a path of berries!

So when we step from grasslands to ice.. our marks would leave these “bloody” prints behind (that sounds British!).

That’s how far I am to them now… Haha.

Ahhh wow.. this is the view going down!

Photo op!

Their color is so refreshing to see.

Again, a big thanks to you Damien for showing us the things you truly enjoy here. Thora and I wouldn’t have the courage to see this on our own, and we’ll never know the best photo spots…haha

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