Guide to Greenland

My stint here in Nuuk, Greenland reminds me of the days when I was deployed as a Sales and Distribution Manager for Samar and Leyte, Philippines (way back 2009-2011). The hiring manager then asked me, “Are you sure you are okay to be assigned in this region? We normally deploy men here because the roads are rough and nothing much is going on. Are you sure?” Exactly the same reaction I get when I tell people I’m going to Greenland.

Nuuk, although the capital, has a population of close to 20,000 people only. That’s about a size of a small village in my country.. As my mentor has commented, “Oh, same population as Ayala Alabang!”.

The place projects that provincial and rural feels. Nothing much is going on in the city. There’s one shopping mall. A few bars and cafes you can count with your fingers.. BUT BUT.. there is so much to EXPLORE! The beauty lies mostly in its outskirts, in its natural world (and for sure, its people). Here, there’s plenty of islets and fjords to see. And since I love nature, I can see where this is going for me. 😄

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